The failure of an existing damp proof course (dpc), bridging due to the raising of external ground or internal floor levels, or in older buildings, the complete absence of a damp proof course.


Brick, stone and mortar are porous allowing damp from the ground to rise by capillary action, carrying with it ground salts including chlorides and nitrates. These salts from the ground can absorb moisture from the atmosphere leading to wall dampness in conditions of high relative humidity. Also they can ruin decorations and break down internal plaster.


We provide a 20 year guarantee with our damp proof course. An additional C.G.S. insurance backed guarantee or Permagard insurance backed guarantee can be purchased.


Re-Plastering – Incorporating a Damp Proof Course Injection


Replastering subsequent to our injected chemical damp proof course is an integral part of our damp proof course. The importance of our replastering specification cannot be stressed enough. Water rising from the ground contains mineral salt (for example: sulphates, nitrates, chlorides, etc), these mineral salts are hygroscopic and can attract moisture from the atmosphere. Our injected damp proof course along with our specialist replastering work together to control the effects of rising dampness to the property.


Some clients prefer to carry out their own plastering or call in a general plasterer to carry out the plastering works as it is sometimes cheaper for them. We always advise clients that our specialist plastering team are not only the best but also know the importance of using the correct plaster application so that it doesn’t cause any problems later on. If the client insists they carry out the plastering we will always provide a specification sheet and ask that they must adhere to this plaster application otherwise it may cause problems in the damp proof course breaking down and also could invalidate our damp proof course guarantee. We do not use ready mixed plaster (generally known as “bonding” in the general plastering trade).


We provide a 10 year guarantee with our specialist plastering works.

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