Timber Treatment

Dry and Wet Rot

Rot can be very destructive to timbers and wall fabric and timbers within a building with a moisture content of 20% or more are likely to be affected by wood rotting fungi.


The rot can creep up the fabric of the house from the cellar/ground floor, to the roof, if left untreated. Once the affected area has been assessed, necessary treatments can be recommended i.e. (sterilization of walls, preservatives to timbers) and structural repairs carried out using pre-treated timbers.


Treatment is by injection and spraying of anti-fungal preparations such as Microtech Dual.

Woodworm (Anobium punctatum)

Most cases of wood-boring insects are the Common Furniture Beetle (Woodworm).


The Common Furniture Beetle is responsible for three-quarters of all the woodworm damage to property in the country and will attack both soft and hardwoods.


The woodworm may infest floorboards, the roof timbers or staircase.
Woodworm lays its eggs inside the surface of the wood and the resultant woodworm larvae eat the wood, leaving behind a network of tunnels, causing the characteristic small holes in the surface of the wood.


Serious infestation of woodworm can result in weakening of the timber, necessitating the replacement of the affected wood.

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